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31 Days Series, Welcome!

By Stephanie


I am excited to be here. I generally don’t commit to things like this because I tend to fizzle out somewhere around day 7. That’s just true. I don’t like that its true, but it’s true. Not this time! This time is different because I’m already 2 days late to this party and well past fashionably late. Mercy.

So this time I am in. I am committed…to 28 days of His presence.
Here is the thing about God’s great love and mercy. Its totally undeserved, totally radical, totally accessible and found only in His presence.  God is clear in His Word that in Him is abundant life. A free and spacious life. A life lived in the unforced rhythms of His grace while He is unveiling the beauty of our intended design. Simply put, God’s presence brings life.
I am honored you are with me here. I look so forward to entering in to His presence with you this month as we explore different facets of abundance found in His presence.
Welcome home, fellow sojourner. Welcome home.

25 Things You Might Not Know About Me – Link Up!

By Stephanie


1. I am an only child. Some may call me spoiled, but I would say I have a knack for being singularly focused.

2. I have three children. Jory 13, Jace 9 and Brynn 7.

3. I don’t understand “normal” sibling rivalries…good thing my husband Jarrett does.

4. We eloped to Kauai and got married on the beach

5. My favorite snack is almond butter and blueberries. Try it. It’s like a pb&j, but not.

6. My life verse is Isaiah 61, however Isaiah 43 is my “this years” life instruction

7. My family vacations in Del Mar every summer.

8. My favorite candy is Reeses peanut butter cups. Except I don’t really care about the chocolate. So I guess my favorite candy is sugared peanut butter.

9. I took my husband for a bi-plane ride for his birthday in Sedona last year. I may still be a bit nauseous.

10. I only drink one cup of coffee in the morning. It’s in a 24 oz mug, but it is still just one cup.

11. I’m training for my third annual one day hike across the Grand Canyon called Rim to Him. Yes, one day and yes, the ENTIRE Grand Canyon.

12. I love adventuresome and impromptu trips with my family. We just pile in the car and go. Mexico, Sedona, Tombstone…you name it we’ve driven it. Unplanned.

13. I grew up in Tucson Arizona.

14. I did my time at the University of Arizona. I’m not a big fan of formal education.

15. I may have a slightly rebellious spirit at times (see #14)

16. The Lord blessed me with the idea of Holy Yoga 7 and a half years ago. I’ve been doing Holy Yoga in obedience to the Lord ever since.

17. I love my husband more today that I did when I met him.

18. My grandpa is 84 and one of my favorite people ever.

19. I am not afraid of a lot of hard work as long as its followed up with a lot of play.

20. The highlight of my professional career is that it is a GET TO and that i work with all of my favorite people.

21. I have a dog, Bandit. And two cats, Kissy and Panther. My friend Megan says that if she believed in re-incarnation she would ask to come back as Bandit. She’s not kidding.

22. I am not naturally blonde.

23. I am naturally a care-taker.

24. I love to ski even though I am at best mediocre.

25. This you may know. In fact I hope you do. I LOVE Jesus.

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Community Link Up

By Stephanie

link up

Hello friends! This is the FIRST ever weekly link up! I want to highlight people who are worth following/reading/knowing.

You are invited to browse through these remarkable sites and meet some new people. Here’s who I’ve been scoping out this week:

1. Artist: Nina Landis. She just released a new album of spontaneous worship. It’s amazing. Right now you can download the entire album on a donation basis. Don’t miss out!

2. Holy Yoga blog: Breathing In Him. These women who teach in Southern California are AWESOME. They’ve been collaborating on their new blog, and you can also check out their website if you’re in the area.

3. Blogger: Going Home to Roost. Bonnie is a Holy Yoga Instructor and a super fabulous blogger. Go follow her. She’s definitely worth knowing and loving.

4. Online shop: She Does Justice. Megan is a huge part of the Holy Yoga Family and her shop is RIDICULOUS. You won’t click away without purchasing something. She’s that great. Plus, her mission is to help others who are fighting for justice and love.

Go exploring, friends! Make some new friends and link up your favorite blogs/websites here!