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His Power Displayed

By Brooke


We talk a lot about the power and might of our God. I think it’s poignant to remember that He displays His power and might for His glory—not ours. When we are invited into the presence of our King it is always so that He would be magnified. Similarly, when He moves mightily on our behalf and His power is displayed through His hand at work in our lives, it is always for His glory. Never ours.

 “But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that My Name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”-Exodus 9:16 (NIV)

 In our weakness, we are made strong by His grace and in His presence. There is no way in us that would ever equate to righteousness and yet He makes a way by the power of His presence to be reconciled and deemed worthy of any good work. All for His glory.

In light of this truth there is only one thing we can do; thank Him for His power. Then tell Him, today, how His ways are higher than your ways. Thank Him for the way He has paved for you, by His mighty and glorious power at work in your life. And lastly, repent for participating in anything less than belief in His power and majesty. Simply and beautifully receive His forgiveness. Rebuke the enemy’s schemes to thwart His goodness in your life… and replace that space in your heart with thankfulness for the ability to experience His mighty power.

It’s always and forever all for His glory.







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Never Disappointed

By Laura Ferguson


Let’s be real here—there is something that is weighing on your heart today. Something that is keeping you further from your Savior than you long to be. Maybe it’s money. Maybe it’s anxiety. Maybe it’s a season of unknowns. Maybe it’s the realization that your faith has gotten rather “vanilla”. Well then my question is this:

What will you do with that?

Psalm 22:5 in the Amplified version paints an incredibly freeing picture of what is always available to us when we feel a weight heavy on our souls:

“They cried to You and were delivered; they trusted in, leaned on, and confidently relied on You, and were not ashamed or confounded or disappointed.”

Are you crying to Him, child? Do you know that whether it’s loud shouts or barely audible breathes, He is standing at the ready to deliver you? Trust Him. Lean on Him. Confidently rely on Him. The word “trusted” in this passage means to be bold. You have the freedom to boldly know that He will deliver you. It’s not a “maybe”, it’s a “yes”.

Every time.

What does that look like for you? What would that cost you? Your comfort or time? Maybe a little (or a lot) of vulnerability? One solid guarantee in this very uncertain world is this: He will never leave you ashamed or disappointed.

laura pink






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The Wilderness Spaces

By Brooke


Because of our fleshly nature, we tend to go about life believing what we know to be true as, for the most part, all there is. What we know of our God, ourselves, our surroundings—this is our feeble understanding in the midst of life with a big God.

The thing is, our God is far bigger, and He gently leads us into the uncharted territory of our hearts so that we can have eyes to see and know more of Him. In Hosea, we see that the Lord draws out the unfaithful with His love.

“Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her.”-Hosea 2:14 (NIV)

The wilderness is the place of solidarity. The uninhabited, sometimes lonely, and usually desolate regions—both of the physical realm as well as the spiritual and emotional. The placed deprived of the aid and protection of others, especially those closest to your heart. The woman neglected by her husband, from whom the husband withholds himself. The man seeking fellowship among other believers, who, in turning both ways, always finds himself alone.

What we need to know to be true here is that the wilderness is not what it seems. Strong’s concordance defines it as “lush pastures that the Shepherd takes His beloved out to and nourishes in.” To be drawn out to the solidarity of the wilderness with your Creator is a beautiful privilege. Instead of fighting against “going it alone”, take His hand and walk boldly into this space He has prepared for you. He will lavish you in His love and protection there.






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Privileged To Enter In

By Brooke

One of the most powerful visuals of what Christ did when He died on the Cross is found in Mark 15:38.

“The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.” (NIV)

To understand the magnitude of this we must first begin to know the purpose of this veil. It separated the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place; a place only entered into by the High Priest, once a year, and not without the sacrificial blood of a lamb. Behind it resided the Ark of the Covenant, the Throne of God, the holiest of holies.

When Jesus died, he tore the veil in two, making the Throne of God accessible to all, offering the perfect blood of the spotless lamb and the ultimate and lasting sacrifice for entrance.

Heaven came as Jesus went. The final sacrifice of Christ on the cross shattered the divide between God and humanity. Christ’s atonement for the sin of all humanity split the veil from heaven to earth and allowed for entrance into the Throne Room.

“Whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.”-2 Corinthians 3:16 (NIV)

Our eyes are opened. Not just to our sin and our own shortcomings as we would presume God is waiting to reveal to us, but to His glory. His radiance opens the eyes of our hearts to the love He has for us and to the love He has for others. In Christ, there is no separation for those of us who believe; for those of us who trust that He did what He did so that we could have fellowship with Him in the Light of His glory.

I invite you to enter into His Throne Room today with a thankful heart at the privilege of doing so. Rejoice in His mighty victory that allows you entrance into His beautiful presence, a place He so longs to meet you in.






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Agreements- Life-Giving and Life-Changing

By Brooke


The choice is ours. Really, it is. What we believe is what we give authority to. Continuing to make agreements with the tree of knowledge, the things you’ve “always known of yourself” is to transfer authority from the Savior who deserves it to an enemy who will tear you down with it.

The Truth is, God is either who He says He is or He is not. And you are either who He says you are or you are not.

 “Jesus: Don’t get lost in despair; believe in God, and keep on believing in Me.”-John 14:1 (the Voice)

 Don’t let these words of the Savior remain a sentence on paper. Lift them high as a sword in battle, and choose to believe He is who He says. Hold this up against every agreement that desires to be made and fight against mediocrity. Don’t just know His truth, live it. Fight for it. Let it penetrate the deepest parts of you. Choose now to make nothing less than life-giving agreements with your Savior and His Truth.

Do you believe that Authority is in the Name, Person and Word of Christ? Does your belief in this cause your hope today to be different than yesterday? In the deepest spaces, where are you not believing your Savior for all that He is? Carry these places to Him today and every day, remembering that all power and authority is in His Name.






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Agreements- Two Trees

By Brooke

There are two types of truths in our lives; Big “T” truths and little “t” truths. One is out of a desire for the tree of life and the other, the tree of knowledge. In the beginning we were given all of the nourishment of the tree of life, and because one beloved made an agreement with an enemy who was not for her, she chose to partake of the tree of knowledge.

She chose second best.

In legal terms, the word agreement means a settlement and we settle every time we make an agreement with the little “t” truths that are always firing our way. But glory be to God we are not done here! Back in the garden, the tree of life was closed off to Adam and Eve. But because of the conquering work on the cross by our Savior Jesus Christ we can once again partake of the fruit that nourishes our souls.

 “But what happens when we live God’s way? He brings gifts into our lives, much the same way that fruit appears in an orchard—things like affection for others, exuberance about life, serenity. We develop a willingness to stick with things, a sense of compassion in the heart, and a conviction that a basic holiness permeates things and people. We find ourselves involved in loyal commitments, not needing to force our way in life, able to marshal and direct our energies wisely.” -Galatians 5:22-23 (the Message)

 Today I ask, where are you settling? Have you become so accustomed to the bitter taste of sour agreements that you’re hesitant to hope for something better? Tastier? Far more satisfying? Ask the Lord to reveal to you what little “t” truths you are settling for. He will prove Himself faithful and open you up ever-more to a full and satisfying Life in Christ.







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Agreements-Choosing A New Way

By Brooke


Good or bad, we make agreements every day. An agreement is the act of agreeing or of coming to a mutual arrangement—it’s a belief system. These agreements often sound like:

“That’s just the way I am.”

“I’m too old to change.”

“That’s just how they are.”

“It just runs in my family.”


But to these I pose the question: Is that really living? Is that the “life to the full” that He died to give you? Romans 12:2 challenges this way of living by saying,

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but be a new and different person with a fresh newness in all you do and think. Then you will learn from your own experience how his ways will really satisfy you.” (NLT)

Is He truly satisfying you? Are you letting agreements with the world and it’s ways keep you from the abundance He has promised? If even for today, will you exchange your old worn out agreements with yourself for His radically freeing Truth? In choosing  Life, I guarantee you will find these old agreements no longer serve you, and your soul will ache ever-more for the Truth that resides in the Savior.







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Look Like You Know Jesus

By Laura Ferguson


Cute boots, a flow-y skirt and gorgeous hair. A pressed shirt, groomed face and shoes free of nicks and scuffs. Are these the marks of someone who has been with Jesus? While this is a wildly over-stereotyped image of the average church-goer, we all know the truth: your image really doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be the evidence of our life with Jesus.

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”– Acts 4:13 (NIV)

When people encounter you, whether it’s at the grocery store, or at the DMV, will they see someone who has been with Jesus? While we may have note-worthy educations or jobs or talents, the character of our Savior is that none of that matters when it comes to being His hands and feet. Grace, joy, courage, love, hope, faith—these are the marks of someone who sits at the feet of Christ.  And these things are readily available to all of us. All the time. (Take a second to really soak in the magnitude of that!)

So it’s not at all what we wear on the outside that marks us as lovers of Christ. It’s letting the Spirit radiate through us so that no matter what we may be adorning, nothing could possibly outshine the love, joy, grace and peace that comes when we open our arms in love and our lips in truth. Because of Christ, and the incredible beauty that He contains, we have the ability to astonish others, even if we are in our sweatpants.

That’s good news, folks.

Our God knows the things of greatest value in His Kingdom. Be those to the world around you.  Be the radiant reflection of your beautiful Creator.

laura pink





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In His Presence

By Brooke


All throughout scripture you will see the telling of God’s presence throughout human history. God’s presence has a wide variance in scripture. It may be something humans fear because it exposes sin, as seen in Genesis 3:8. At the same time it is the place of greatest comfort in times of anxiety and peril, as seen in Joshua 1:5.

The most common Hebrew term for presence is panim, which is also translated as face, implying a close and personal encounter with the Lord. So what do we do when that close and personal relationship can go one of two ways?

Here’s the thing: only the nature of God can be 100% opposite and made to reconcile. He alone is the integrator of opposites. He is just and He is love. He is mercy and He is judge. In and through it all we must seek His presence. We must seek His face.

 “Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always.”-Psalm 105:4 (NIV)

In the presence of God our truest selves are exposed. Only God can absorb our humanity. In His presence alone are we exposed and still adored. He is the God who makes dead things come alive. He is the God who can love us and detest our brokenness all at the same time. In His presence we find out who we are and what we are living for.

So examine your heart today. Enter into His presence, and proclaim the truth that you are loved there. And then begin to ask questions. Where does your heart lie on this matter? Do you believe that in your exposure you are adored? Do you believe there is such a love that is just enough and merciful enough to take you as you are right this minute?







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A Matter Of The Heart

By Brooke


Heart, soul, mind and strength. All are ours and yet not all are ours to change. Our soul is God’s—only He has access to it. And that is a very good and wonderful thing. We are given the ability to have some control over our minds and strength—He has entrusted that to us—knowing that by His grace we can handle them well. The heart, friends, is the place that must be addressed and often. It is the most illusive yet the biggest key to the Kingdom. Jesus says, “love me and love others.”, “We love because He first loved us.”(paraphrase mine). He’s not offended by our hearts, but we often are.

“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”-Psalm 37:4 (ESV)

The problem is not our God-created hearts. It’s the assault against them, the injustices that have taken root in them as a result of the assaults and the manifestations of how we survived through those assaults.

If we live in accordance with what our wounded hearts tell us about ourselves and the world around us, how can we then trust our hearts to define our desires? Is it possible that places in the heart that are not surrendered and exposed to God could lead us to pursue (or rather chase) things that ultimately desire something contrary to God?

By the saving grace of Jesus Christ, we do not have to allow the injustices done to our hearts to determine the fulfillment of our desires, or even the designing of our desires themselves. He covers over the hurts that have been done, bandages up the wounds, tends to the scars, and replaces them with rich and beautiful desires straight from His heart to ours. Today, not only can you address your heart with your Father, but you can completely entrust it into His strong and healing hands. Delight in Him fully today, beloved.





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