Our Daily Hunger

By Laura Ferguson


The other day I was driving and praying, crying out to God yet again because my mind had traveled the worn path of comparison and I was fed up. Again. We always have our “things”–the places we are prone to go in the dark spaces of our hearts and minds. Satan gets a lot of credit for this, and rightly so, but in my car on that particular day I felt the Holy Spirit give a little different insight into the situation at hand.

“Give us this day, our daily bread.”-Matthew 6:11 (NIV)

I came to realize that it’s “daily” for a reason. Every day, my soul will hunger. While the real longing is for Christ, my body (mind included) is sinful, and so the hunger for Christ may often be confused with a hunger for “those friends” or “that body” or “that child”. How many of us have heard that when we think we are hungry, our bodies are more than likely actually in need of water, we just tend to confuse the two and go after the food? Might this be the same thing? The hunger is for Living Water but we are going after food that never satisfies.

Isn’t this why Jesus said that I am to ask Him for bread, for Truth and life and freedom, daily? That every day I will find myself hungering my way back to lusting after things that aren’t mine, when what I really need is the bread that my Savior has to offer? I think satan tries really hard to get us down and keep us there, and in comes defeat and failure and all of their siblings to keep us low and full of shame for seeking fulfillment in all the wrong places yet again. There is a certain type of liberty (a really, really great type if you ask me) in realizing that we will need to come back here every. single. day. That my heart will hunger for community and fellowship, and that if I am looking in all the wrong places I will always feel full of shame.

So today, might I encourage you to take some time with the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ, and let Him fill you up in those places where the hunger seems insatiable? He knows we need Him to fill these voids daily. He isn’t disappointed that we can’t just “figure it out”. He has a storehouse of bread readily available for each one of us, and it’s just enough for today.

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