By Brooke


Have you ever noticed that when Jesus walked and talked with others He rarely seemed to give a straight answer? One of His communication “tactics” of choice seemed to be the use of questions. Asking questions of others draws more out, but it also stirs the heart and mind to look beyond the initial question or state of mind.

The Holy Spirit is no different. He is always drawing out in us His truth that is uniquely ours by drawing us deeper into ourselves through question. When we reach a point where we welcome the opportunity for deeper exploration, we enter into a space of being our true, unique selves.

“Explore me, O God, and know the real me. Dig deeply and discover who I am.
Put me to the test and watch how I handle the strain.”
-Psalm 139:23 (the Voice)

This is what could be considered a “dangerous prayer” because we know He will answer and in doing so there will be tension—there will be strain. When we see Jesus ask questions in the Bible we see the perspectives in their entirety, but our vantage point is different than those who were being asked. Just as our vantage point, when we ask the Lord to question us—to test us—is limited. And here is where we must trust. We must get in the habit of forming a trusting relationship with Christ as His love (and tension) draws us into the fullness of our role as child of the King.

So today I ask, how comfortable are you with asking Him to dig deep and ask questions? Would you trade the “you” you are today for the true self He will show you deep inside?







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