A Heart That Seeks Others

By Brooke


When the Holy Spirit enters into us, Love enters into us. The thing about this kind of love is that it is not interested solely in “self”, but in making Jesus known to all it encounters.

 “… it is not self-seeking,” -1 Corinthians 13:5 (NIV)

 The NASB says, “it does not seek its own”. I want to camp out on that for a moment.

The word “seek” is a verb, defined as: to seek (in order to find) by thinking, meditating, reasoning and inquiring into. To seek after, seek for, aim at, and strive after. To seek, require, demand. To crave or demand something from someone.

The next part of that verse says, “its own.” This is defined as: Themselves, herself, itself, himself… in other words, there is no “I”  in love. The kind of love that comes when the Spirit enters our souls is the kind that seeks out, inquires of, thinks about and strives after others—their needs, their desires, and the living out of Christ in them. This love is the kind of love that not only recognizes the value of others through the eyes of Jesus, but acts on that truth, by being the hands and feet of Jesus to all those around it.

Do you know that the ability to live out that love is not on you? That is 100% the equipping of the Holy Spirit, which comes from intimacy with the Father. So take a step back and examine where He might be asking you to take the “I” out of love. Then go and spend intimate time with Him, believing Him to equip you to live out the work He has placed before you.







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