When We Doubt Like Thomas

By Brooke


In John 20 we see the disciples attempting to proclaim the miraculous appearance of their beloved Savior. Thomas doubted.

 “We have seen the Lord!

Thomas: Until I see His hands, feel the wounds of the nails, and put my hand to His side, I won’t believe what you are saying.

 Eight days later, they gathered again behind locked doors; and Jesus reappeared. This time Thomas was with them.

Jesus: May each one of you be at peace.

He drew close to Thomas.

Jesus: Reach out and touch Me. See the punctures in My hands; reach out your hand, and put it to My side; leave behind your faithlessness, and believe.”-John 20:25-27 (the Voice)

 Did you notice how long Thomas sat in his doubt? Eight days. Sometimes the Lord leaves us in it, feeling out the reality of our faith. And the truth is, even the “ones most faithful” will have seasons of doubt where they must examine their faith too. The ones closest to Christ, who saw Him with their own human eyes, resurrected from the dead, doubted. In His great mercy and compassion He didn’t rebuke them, and He doesn’t rebuke us. He does now as He did then—He extends His power and invites us into the fullness of co-mission with Him. He reaches out to take our hand in His and places it to His side as a reminder that He does win. That He has come. That He will never abandon.

That He alone is Savior, forever and always.

Has the Savior allowed you to sit in some doubt in this season? How can you “reach your hands to his sides” and truly see that He is who He says He is? He will bring you out of battle, dear one, and into His freeing Truth.







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