Agreements- Life-Giving and Life-Changing

By Brooke


The choice is ours. Really, it is. What we believe is what we give authority to. Continuing to make agreements with the tree of knowledge, the things you’ve “always known of yourself” is to transfer authority from the Savior who deserves it to an enemy who will tear you down with it.

The Truth is, God is either who He says He is or He is not. And you are either who He says you are or you are not.

 “Jesus: Don’t get lost in despair; believe in God, and keep on believing in Me.”-John 14:1 (the Voice)

 Don’t let these words of the Savior remain a sentence on paper. Lift them high as a sword in battle, and choose to believe He is who He says. Hold this up against every agreement that desires to be made and fight against mediocrity. Don’t just know His truth, live it. Fight for it. Let it penetrate the deepest parts of you. Choose now to make nothing less than life-giving agreements with your Savior and His Truth.

Do you believe that Authority is in the Name, Person and Word of Christ? Does your belief in this cause your hope today to be different than yesterday? In the deepest spaces, where are you not believing your Savior for all that He is? Carry these places to Him today and every day, remembering that all power and authority is in His Name.






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