Gospel Intimacy

By Brooke


God is about relationship. He sent His only Son because He loved the world. He sent Jesus so that we could be reconciled to Himself and that relational restoration would be possible.

If you have spent any amount of time with me, particularly in bible study or in the Holy Yoga community, you will know that I am about one thing…transparent relationship with God. I believe that the bulk of our abundant life starts with living the truth of the gospel today. I believe in the power of God’s Word as the authoritative direction for life and the magnificence of the Holy Spirit in a heart surrendered to its King.

If we study the life of Christ and his relationship to the Father, we can see that there is a way to go about intimacy. There is a way that Jesus models coming to, hearing from, and acting in response to what he hears in his Fathers presence. I believe as co-heirs with Christ that we too can participate in this type of gospel intimacy.

For the next five days, join me as we look at the heart of the Father and His desire for us to fully know Him. I had the pleasure of writing a bible study recently titled “God’s Love – A Journey in the the Heart of the Father.” For the next five days we will look at the steps of gospel intimacy using some of the excerpts of that study. Journey with me as we study what intimacy takes and what is doesn’t.

God is about your abundant life. The kind of life that is only found in Him. What are you waiting for?

Lets do this.

1 Comment on Gospel Intimacy

  1. Jerry
    October 14, 2014 at 1:10 pm (5 years ago)

    Thank you Brooke, I know thats what I seek, and need because HE put vessel in me to be fill with HIM. I know the enemy trying to tell me I’m not enough to be in relationship with HIM ( liar ). I’m all in, I want to grow in knowing my DAD.


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