By Brooke


“I must first have the sense of God’s possession of me before I can have the sense of His presence with me.”
Watchman Nee, The Normal Christian Life 

Possession is a strange thing. Strange in that is goes against the very core of our humanity that says “I am my own person. I can do it alone. I don’t need anyone and if I do it means that I am flawed and weak”.

It sounds harsh, doesn’t it? But it is the hardened cry of our human hearts. Hearts that have been designed for relationship but have experienced the harsh reality of an existence separate of Glory.

Possession by definition is the act or fact of possessing, the state of being possessed, and/or ownership as in holding occupancy.

If the places of our hearts that were created for His possession are not being occupied by His Spirit then we run the risk of being occupied by other things. To understand that we are temples designed to carry the Holy Spirit is to recognize that we are temples, period. We are vessels. We we will be occupied by Him or other things.

If we choose to be occupied by Him, we choose to not be occupied by another. That choice initiates our sense of His presence, and His presence alone brings life. So to truly live, as Watchman Nee describes, we must first have a sense of God’s possession of us before we can have the sense of His presence with us.

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  1. Toniann
    October 12, 2014 at 8:21 am (5 years ago)

    I absolutely needed to read this this morning. It is taking all of me to get up and go to church today, but this has helped me realize i am literally choosing not to worship God, and I do want him to occupy all of me. So here I go. Thank you <3


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