What Destroys Revival

By Brooke


A friend of mine was recently telling me about revival. How revivals work…and how they don’t.

He said that the three things that define a revival are:

1. The power of testimony

2. Prayer and

3. Worship.

I was surprised the Word didn’t make the top three… But those three make sense. Revival by definition is a fresh and needed breath. Revival is always about refreshment in His presence and by His Spirit. Those three things draw us into the holiness of who God is at His simplest. I mean if you can simplify God.

While there are three things that inspire revival, there’s only one thing that destroys it.


Well meaning and well educated humans who love and live in Jesus. See, we start to think we add something to the work of God. We get so wrapped up in doctrine and theology and dissecting faith that we lose it. We forget that He is responsible for doing it all. All of it. We buy into the lie that we have something to add to His fullness. We assume we have something to do with the faith growth around us… and that we must be onto something if people around us are growing. News flash… We don’t.

Please don’t assume that ! don’t value the Word of God. I value it immensely because it is the revelation of God Himself and is profitable for teaching and training me up in faith.

It’s just when the study of the Word is not accompanied by prayer, worship, and an evidenced effect of God’s Godness on our personal lives that it loses something. Or maybe it loses everything.

We are called to be the fragrance of The Lord, a sweet aroma to those living and perishing alike. Our praises and our worship are a sweet aroma to Him; our prayers draw us into His inner sanctuary. And we can’t help but be affected by his presence. It’s in Him alone that we find out who we are and what we are living for. His Word is a lamp unto our feet and directs our steps on the path of holiness. We can’t just know the Word without living in the God it professes. If we do then we are missing the point and our words (as holy rehearsed as they may be) become resounding gongs bringing us glory.

We just can’t forget that His presence gives life; it gives way to transformation. And we can trust Him because his Word tells us that He is faithful and that we are sealed by the blood of Christ for the day of redemption. His Spirit was given to us a deposit. When we are in His presence we can trust what we experience because His Spirit deposited in us testifies with the fullness of His Holy Spirit.

Revivals used to last 70 years. Now the average one lasts 2. We’ve made too much of ourselves, friends. We’ve taken too much credit. Or at least I have.

So Lord… my life, my ministry, my marriage, my parenting and especially my leadership… I give back to you whole heartedly. I repent for the places I’ve taken responsibility for work only you can do.

Thanks for reminding me that you stayed on all sorts of hooks so I could be taken of all of mine.

Im asking for revival Lord. Now that I know my place. You promise refreshment. So come Lord, do not delay. In your strength and your presence alone will I find rest.

Come Lord. Breathe. Selah.

3 Comments on What Destroys Revival

  1. Norma Maxwell
    September 4, 2013 at 12:54 pm (6 years ago)

    “We can’t just know the Word without living in the God it professes.” Amen Sweet Sister. Love you!!!

  2. Donna Heaney
    September 4, 2013 at 2:41 pm (6 years ago)

    Wow. So powerful. “In your strength and your presence alone will I find rest.” Amen my friend. I really needed to read this – thank you. Love you.


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