Holy Yoga Instructor Training Retreat

By Stephanie

Last week was a full week of Holy Yoga Instructor Training Retreat. These retreats are ridiculously beautiful. Anyone who has participated can tell you that it is a life changing experience.

The really awesome thing is that Brooke has moved into teaching the Bible Study portion of retreats. She’s called to this, people. Brooke is a student of the Word. She is always reading, always being moved and shaped by what God speaks to her. Even yesterday, her little Brynn said, “NO ONE loves Jesus more than my mom.” Sweet girl. Don’t you love her little gentle heart being shaped by her mama’s love for Jesus?

Brooke loves Jesus in a way that radiates from her. She is always, always loving people in a way that goes far beyond my own understanding. She offers a space of grace while simultaneously leaning into deep truth.

I remember Brooke telling me once that, in the height of her pre-Jesus success, one of her students excitedly told Brooke that she had found Jesus. Brooke responded with, “Don’t limit yourself to one book.” Brooke tells that story with such appreciation for what Jesus has done for her. She is a TEACHER of that one book now. She lives and breathes it’s depth and healing mercy.

Thank God for the Book. Thank God for the people who live it.

Keep hanging out here – the recordings from Bible Study at this past retreat will be available soon.

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